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Mushrooms & Tomatoes: A Ritual.

I can’t say enough about the combination of these ivory mushrooms with florid, squishy cherry tomatoes.

A few months ago I was experimenting with combinations of mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, and mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach with eggs, for breakfast. This particular rendition kind of stuck.

It’s an almost daily fall back now.

I’ve started adding a crushed clove of garlic in the olive oil before burnishing the mushrooms’ alabaster skins.

There’s something so satisfying, so earthily grounding, about knowing that you’re releasing these robust, plentiful flavours at the start of the day. Just inhaling sizzling garlic makes you feel validated somehow.

Mingled with this is the nutty smokiness released by the mushrooms. After they’re browned and softened, a mellow flush of the cherry tomatoes descends.  The sharpness of rock or sea salt against the delicate, blended flavours is so satisfying.

Almost as essential as…

The magic lemon.

Lemon and sea salt seasoning mushrooms and cherry tomatoes sautéed in garlic and olive oil. Mmmm hmm. On toast. For breakfast.

Maybe when its a midday snack and not breakfast, or a really, [really] light dinner in a fit of health-consciousness, one could add a sprig [ had to get that TV chef term out of my system] of a fresh herb like coriander or mint [a.k.a.  dhaniya paudina, the only two herbs one tends to have lying around in these parts].

Also, if feeling hungry for more flavour, a few shavings of cheese? Would be great if its not KRAFT square packs, maybe something like real sharp cheddar or goats cheese, but then again, the lying around factor, plus little quirks like reality, availability and money, tend to reign supreme.

Even as it is, this is a satisfying stash of flavours, carbs and veggies to start the day. With a rich, velvety blend of coffee in close pursuit, it’s like an aphrodisiac for palette-awakening.


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