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Lilies on the Dining Table

Three Lillies left from party a week ago. Have been taking in their scent everyday. Mom replaced them in reduced amount today. Each luscious curling petal seems to stand out more in the cool, diffused, Caravaggio-esque light.

Impromptu use of iPhone camera. Not only has someone borrowed D40x, but just capturing without bringing another clunky gadget into the equation can be very compelling. The more intelligent focussing system of the 3G makes it a worthwhile upgrade when
capturing details like floral anatomy. You’re welcome, Steve.


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Living Room: A Space to Blossom

This is the living room in my mother’s home.

Although she and I are both fond of flowers as much as the next person, they’re not part of our daily repertoire. I happened to bring these back from a shoot where someone had extra. I couldn’t quite suppress the joy of how their varied, old-wordly charm enhanced the same quality in my mother’s mahogany abode.

The home my mother and I shared with her parents was full of the old-fashioned presence of lace, the beauty of golden afternoon sunlight, and filigree-like chandeliers. This afternoon with its gilded warmth and the haughty, fussy dignity of gladiolas seemed to exude the charm of a bygone era.

Glints of gold light up my mother’s hair as she adds ritual to the place with her late afternoon tea and cigarette. The deep, glinting ochre reflects everywhere. In this moment, it’s truly a sanctum of comfortable elegance, exuding well-being and harmony. .

While the benign warmth of cream, ochre and gold wash over the background, i love how the details of stem, flora and follicle get accentuated in a sort of back-lit frieze

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For the Love of a House.

these are currently the only images I have to offer in honour of that breeding ground of my aesthetics:

|23 al-hamra, off shaheed-i-millat road|

sadly, these are images taken while we were packing to leave it. well, packing hardly describes the process of dismantling four generations of a family’s life, belongings and heirlooms.

suffice it to say that even in its dismembered state,

it exuded the poise and elegance of a

sepia photograph

This lamp was part of a set, which, like many other things, had been there for as long as I can remember. It’s amber glow, mellow and ochre like a sepia tone itself, seems to infuse the walls as an homage to memory.

A cacophony of sharp-angles, mirroring archways and a definitive split of colour made the dynamism of this home seem archaic to my brash, 80’s infused childhood self.

I wish I could do more justice to the memory of this house. I’m working on recovering old photographs from various sources in order to paint the bigger picture of the menagerie of intricate delicacy, propriety and grace that this was in its prime.

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Red: Cast in Cool

this house is truly remarkable. not only was it ahead of its time when it was first created, but there’s an ownership of the aesthetics inside that make it stand out from many of the uber-minimalist creations that plague the territories of the rich in our complicated city.

limited motifs of colour, mere accents to the pervasive sharp-angled airiness, flicker about in unexpected harmonies that engage the visitor.

a certain acerbic quality is perceived through the right angles and straight lines. this day seemed to reflect that through its cast of cyan. even though red punctuates every turn and corner, it’s rendition seems to be cool rather than warm.

happy sploshes of bold red spring out from within a contained geometrical grid of light, lucid composure.

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