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Ode to Packaging.

riotous repetition @ harvey nicks.

The acerbic contrast of pungent, bold colour and minimalist shape, form, cut or line. I love aesthetics in Europe (as compared to the US). The food halls of M&S, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges are a perfectly legitimate kind of art space from my perspective.

recycled chic & an installation of sachets.

edible simplicity a la grade school text.

The first time I saw ( or rather smelt ) the Hummingbird Bakery on Portobello Road in 2007, my intoxicated olfactories were only further rewarded by the delectable sight of chocolate brown and pink decor. Somehow, knowing that gooey, chunky, circular sponges of richness lined the counter in similar repetitive patterns of pretty pastel and deepest chocolate, the whole experience seemed more edible.

The same way a the smell and sight of a box of crayons makes you want to eat them.

Sans-serif and rounded rectangles punctuate the vastness of dark stretches of wall at the Tate Modern. The industrial, warehouse feel of this remarkable space tempers the sheer richness of and alacrity of colour.

i love the electrified isolation emanating from this neon-styrofoam phenomenon.

also offered in shocking pink and deep purple.

Finally in SOHO, this simple slab of blue set inside a regular building facade called out to me. (This is of course besides the urge I felt to go inside offer my soul in exchange for work).


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Lifecycle Chiaroscuro

From the first pale flush of pink, to the deep burgundy currents of initial death, these Lillies have enchanted me ever since I met them.

Watching two luscious curls disattach and fall gently downward as I fixed my morning tea, they seemed to call out to me to witness their exquisite drama one more time.

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Burnished Sienna Stripe a la Caffeine

The staff at a staunchly frequented cafe gave us this impromptu minimalist rendition of a mocha. It’s almost seeping through the foam, ink-like.

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Lilies on the Dining Table

Three Lillies left from party a week ago. Have been taking in their scent everyday. Mom replaced them in reduced amount today. Each luscious curling petal seems to stand out more in the cool, diffused, Caravaggio-esque light.

Impromptu use of iPhone camera. Not only has someone borrowed D40x, but just capturing without bringing another clunky gadget into the equation can be very compelling. The more intelligent focussing system of the 3G makes it a worthwhile upgrade when
capturing details like floral anatomy. You’re welcome, Steve.

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Living Room: A Space to Blossom

This is the living room in my mother’s home.

Although she and I are both fond of flowers as much as the next person, they’re not part of our daily repertoire. I happened to bring these back from a shoot where someone had extra. I couldn’t quite suppress the joy of how their varied, old-wordly charm enhanced the same quality in my mother’s mahogany abode.

The home my mother and I shared with her parents was full of the old-fashioned presence of lace, the beauty of golden afternoon sunlight, and filigree-like chandeliers. This afternoon with its gilded warmth and the haughty, fussy dignity of gladiolas seemed to exude the charm of a bygone era.

Glints of gold light up my mother’s hair as she adds ritual to the place with her late afternoon tea and cigarette. The deep, glinting ochre reflects everywhere. In this moment, it’s truly a sanctum of comfortable elegance, exuding well-being and harmony. .

While the benign warmth of cream, ochre and gold wash over the background, i love how the details of stem, flora and follicle get accentuated in a sort of back-lit frieze

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