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What Star Trek Can Teach Us About Writing (via Kristen Lamb’s Blog)

Just knowing that someone acknowledges the intense mastery of story-writing seen in this (the 10th) Star Trek movie, gets my juices flowing. Not only have they brilliantly re-worked the original story-line that was the basis for the 3 seasons of TOS (thereby giving the audience something NEW), they’ve artfully spun and developed the two very different mystiques of Spock and Kirk within a triple-layered plot that plays with the very essence of story-telling: time.

I’m looking forward to reading this from a writer’s perspective.

[Not to mention my unwavering and long-held love for TOS, spock, (consequently and out of affection, william shatner), and more recently, lens-flare, j.j. abrams and zachary quinto.]

I especially love the following observation, in which the blog’s author is referring to the opening scene of Kirk’s birth:

“..the scenes cut from Mom giving birth to Dad giving his life. Birth and death, hope and sacrifice are suddenly in perfect harmony.”

In particular, this echoes the same birth-death-duality spine-tinglingly depicted in that other sci-fi epic, Star Wars. I’m talking about, of course, Episode III, when Padme gives birth to the seeds of the original trilogy, as Anakin Skywalker is simultaneously (in a back-to-back editing montage) re-birthed as Darth Vader.

As a certain lover of the classic film narrative once told me, all good stories are the same in their essence. Birth, conflict, climax, death (or something like that). Lucas himself has been known to state that it’s all the same story. There are just many different ways of telling it.

What Star Trek Can Teach Us About Writing Last night I watched the new Star Trek movie directed by J.J. Abrams for the second time. As a writer, stories are my business, so I study them in all forms. Film is a favorite in that it takes far less time and allows me to study the written form in a visual way. I don’t watch movies like most people, much to my husband’s chagrin (he would put tape over my mouth if he could get away with it). This recent version of Star Trek did very well at the … Read More

via Kristen Lamb’s Blog


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falling head over heals

watching a bbc lifestyle show about a restaunteer looking for the perfect location to open a restaurant in Italy. Vito, the restaunteer, was excited by the commercial possibilities of a sight in Modena. But he fell head over heels, the narrator tell us, with the isolated property on the hill with a spectacular view, and the magic touch of florence gold melding it into sublimity.

its kind of how it is with men, isn’t it? you can get excited about the compatibility, comfortability and confidence you get from a certain relationship, but you ultimately, perhaps, fall in love with something that just mesmerizes you.

or not?

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For the Love of a House.

these are currently the only images I have to offer in honour of that breeding ground of my aesthetics:

|23 al-hamra, off shaheed-i-millat road|

sadly, these are images taken while we were packing to leave it. well, packing hardly describes the process of dismantling four generations of a family’s life, belongings and heirlooms.

suffice it to say that even in its dismembered state,

it exuded the poise and elegance of a

sepia photograph

This lamp was part of a set, which, like many other things, had been there for as long as I can remember. It’s amber glow, mellow and ochre like a sepia tone itself, seems to infuse the walls as an homage to memory.

A cacophony of sharp-angles, mirroring archways and a definitive split of colour made the dynamism of this home seem archaic to my brash, 80’s infused childhood self.

I wish I could do more justice to the memory of this house. I’m working on recovering old photographs from various sources in order to paint the bigger picture of the menagerie of intricate delicacy, propriety and grace that this was in its prime.

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