About: [Through the Looking Glass]

|An introvert with an extrovert’s appetite. filmmaker. lover of images, aesthetics, words|
ex: |tv producer / video editor / director|
hopeful:|grad student, film/video/art freelancer, responsible citizen|

i have a memory of someone very articulate calling me “very observant” when I was a child. i think now i’m just self-absorbed.
i spent a lot of time alone, played movie reels in my head, was fascinated by the number 6, tried to feed ants once with potato chips and cried when i thought they would die of starvation.
i feel that at 30 i’m just realizing truths that i suspect may be common knowledge to a lot of people.
i sincerely desire to be in tune with the earth, humanity, so i can be open to wisdom, and devoid of illusion.
i seek humility, confidence, creativity, usefulness | a plethora of giving, an intensity of fullness.

my biggest challenge: making new mistakes, and not old ones.


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